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Local Legend Duelist series (LLDS) Stage 2 Final – Germany

In 2015 KONAMI’s new tournament series, the Local Legend Duelist Series, saw a particular highlight: the Stage 2 finales. It took place in the German capital Berlin. The main event, which every qualified player could attend, was complemented by other public events which addressed everyone who was interested. After we organized successfully the Stage 2 finale in Germany, KONAMI asked us to also organize the new tournament series, the Local Legend Duelist Series, for Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. In 2016, we continued our work on the German finale which took place in Kassel.

Our tasks

  • selecting, negotiating and communicating with locations
  • realizing and supervising the championship on-site
  • selecting and training the team
  • conceptualizing the schedule
  • coordinating set up and break down, as well as technical support during the event
  • organizing catering
  • organizing journeys, including booking hotels and cars
  • extensive reporting and photo documentation

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