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WCQ: National Championships 2016 in Germany and Austria

Since 2014, KONAMI entrusts us not only with ‘Organized Play’ but also with the German Yu-Gi-Oh! championships. Up to 1,000 players came together for a weekend not only to participate in the main event but also in numerous smaller tournaments which lured with great prizes. And those who stayed at home did not miss out: they could watch the greatest national championship in Europe via livestream.

Our tasks

  • selecting, negotiating and communicating with locations
  • realizing and supervising the championship on-site
  • selecting and training the team
  • conceptualizing the schedule and organizing support program
  • coordinating set up and breaking down as well as technical support during the event
  • organizing catering for the support program
  • researching and producing giveaways
  • organizing the journey, including booking hotels and cars
  • extensive reporting and photo documentation

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