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Yu-Gi-Oh! Summer Tour 2016

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Summer Tour continued. With a total of 17 tour dates we stopped at great children’s festivals, at seaside resorts, zoos, amusement parks and conventions such as AnimagiC and ComicCon in Stuttgart. Our team, consisting of four promoters from Bremen, accompanied the tour the entire time.
This year, we brought our branded Step Van which received a lot of attention.
In it, we could sell great products on top of demonstrating the trading card game outside the van. The kids could also participate at official tournaments for the first time at a YGO! Tour.

Video of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Summer Tour 2015:

Our tasks

  • communicating with traders and locations
  • creating and providing event space and schedule
  • producing and providing equipment
  • time management and planning the event
  • providing staff and training demonstrators
  • time management on-site
  • reporting and overseeing the events

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