Pokémon Tournaments

Since autumn 2017 JOKMOK organizes for The Pokémon Company international big two-day tournaments in Germany and Europe – Regional and Special Championships!

Up to 1,000 players compete against each other in the disciplines “Trading Card Game” and “Video Game”. In addition to great prizes, the winners and participants of the tournaments can also win the coveted “Championship Points” with which they can qualify for the Pokémon European and World Championships.

In addition to the big tournament, visitors can experience even more at the events. There will be stalls to upgrade your deck on site. For those who can’t attend the event in person, we have commented live streams of the best matches.

The so-called side events, smaller tournaments mostly on Sunday, are also in great demand. Beside Championship Points you can win Side Event Points, which can be exchanged for great products at our Prize Wall.

Our tournaments:

  • Bremen (D) 09.2017 – Regional Championship, 605 attendees
    Prag (CZ) 03.2018 – Special Championship, 336 attendees
    Offenbach / Frankfurt (D) 09.2018 – Regional Championship, 873 attendees
  • Cannes (FR) 02.2019 – Special Championship, 449 attendees

Our tasks:


    Selection, negotiation and communication with the locations

  • Creation and maintenance of the tournament website
  • Realization and supervision of the tournament on site
  • Coordination of construction and dismantling as well as technical support of the event
  • Organization of the catering
  • Branding of the event
  • Coordination of the judges
  • Provision of online registration software for participants
  • Implementation of the side events and provision of a prize wall

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