Topps Germany

Topps “Match Attax” Germany Tour

Topps “Match Attax” Germany Tour

Since 2015, we have been supporting the large ‘Match Attax’ Germany Tour every year for our customer Topps. With a total of 13 tour stops we are actively approaching new players and even existing fans will get their money’s worth. In the locations of the big football clubs (2015, 11 stops), the most visited shopping centers (2016, 13 stops) and a combination of clubs, shopping malls and Vedes branches (2017, 17 stops) all gaming enthusiasts were able to enjoy a demo area, a duel against the Match Attax Master and an exclusive shop.

Our tasks:

  • Communication with the locations
  • Production and logistics, construction and dismantling of the equipment
  • Technical support of the event
  • Selection and training of the “Match Attax” team
  • Complete travel planning and logistics of the team
  • Selection and provision of operational clothing
  • Comprehensive reporting and photo documentation
  • Inventory and billing of goods

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