Topps Germany

Topps Germany

Topps Germany

Since 2009 JOKMOK is under the flag of football. Whether at public card tournaments or promotional tours through shopping centres and football clubs – we inspire the target group with ever new ideas.

Since 2018, the “Topps Match Attax Autumn Tour” has resulted in a big “Topps Final”. What could be a better venue than the football museum in Dortmund!

The autumn tour also starts just in time of the start of the new football season – on a total of 13 dates in shopping malls, football clubs and Vedes stores we are promoting the trading card game with a team of 4-6 people. We are actively approaching new players and existing fans are also getting satisfied. In addition to a demonstration of the game, our guests can play a duel against the ‘Match Attax’ master or stock up on exclusive items in the shop.

For the final in 2018, 140 gaming enthusiasts met in Dortmund to find the best German Match Attax player in the tournament. In addition to the tournament, we provided a colourful supporting programme with a total of 10 promoters, including game stations, shop and walking acts. The Match Attax fox mascot provided a good atmosphere throughout the day and was available for everyone to have fun with.

Our tasks:

  • Development of the tournament schedule & elaboration of the supporting programme
  • Negotiation and communication with the locations
  • Production and logistics, assembly and disassembly of equipment
  • Technical support of the events
  • Selection & Training of the Match Attax Team
  • Travel planning and logistics of the whole team
  • Continuous optimisation and annual reorganisation of the framework programme
  • Comprehensive reporting and photo documentation
  • Selection and provision of the emergency clothing
  • Inventory and settlement of goods

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