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Since 2009, JOKMOK specializes in soccer events. Every year, we are entrusted by Topps Germany to select between four and six regional ‘Match Attax’ winners. To find a winner, we organize regional tournaments with a maximum of 120 players who compete against each other in knock out rounds. The final game of ‘Match Attax’ takes place just before a game of the national league in a stadium.
Over two to three weekends (four to six event days respectively) our team tours through Germany and Austria and supervises the tournament as well as the program on two indoor soccer courts. Our visitors have not only the chance to participate in the tournament, but also to pay a visit to the exchange platform for ‘Match Attax’ cards and stickers, design their personal ‘Match Attax’ card and try their luck at the yearly changing play stations.

JOKMOK creates the concept for the series of eventsees the logistics, produces event equipment, designes the graphics and provides a ‘Match Attax’ Team, consisting of 24 promoters.

Our tasks

  • developing the tournaments and creating its program
  • negotiating and communicating with locations
  • production and logistics, setting up and breaking down equipment
  • technical support throughout the entire event
  • selecting and training the ‘Match Attax’ team
  • organizing the entire journey and logistics of the team
  • coming up with a new program every year and optimizing it
  • extensive reporting and photo documentation
  • selecting and providing clothing

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