In-Store Promotion at PoS since 2012

From January 2012 till December 2018 we accompanied Toys “R” Us annually in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the In-Store Promotion area. “Toys” R “Us is a company for children and their individual wishes […]” * and this is exactly where we start with our work as an agency; because our standards are individually adapted to the needs of our customers. Our tailor-made staff as well as the personal care and transparent communication contribute to the success of every action. Of course, we keep up our quality and respond to the individual requirements of each trading partner.
In addition to the staffing, we look after the organization and handling of event modules, the dispatch of promotional material and the development of individual events such as the Super Toy Run for the 25th anniversary. Many years of cooperation have created a trusting partnership.
In October 2017, we celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Toys “R” us anniversary with our promoters at the big birthday promotion. We wish our longtime partner all the best and many more joint actions!

Promotions at Toys “R” Us in 2017

  • Children’s day on 03.06.2017: 568 promoter, failure rate 2%
  • Toys “R” us Birthday on 07.10.2017: 430 promoter, failure rate 1%
  • Babies first Christmas on 04.11.20187: 27 promoters, failure rate 4%
  • Star Wars 11.11.2017: 87 promoters, failure rate 3%
  • Social Games Day on 25.11.2017: 279 promoters, failure rate 1%

Promotions at Toys “R” Us in 2016

  • Board Games Day on 19.11.2016: 249 promoters, failure rate: 0.8%
  • Star Wars – awaken the power in you! on 12.11.2016: 340 promoters, failure rate: 0.88%
  • Babys first Christmas 29.10.2016: 74 promoters, failure rate: 1.35%
  • Princesses and Knights Day on 15.10.2016: 255 promoters, failure rate: 0.78%
  • Action day on 03.09.2016: 424 promoters, failure rate: 4.25%
  • Back to School on 30.07.2016: 60 promoters, failure rate: 0%
  • Children’s day on May 28, 2016: 425 promoters, failure rate: 1.65%
  • Star Wars on April 30, 2016: 276 promoters, failure rate: 1.09%
  • Easter on 19.03.2016: 273 promoters, failure rate 1.47%

Our tasks include:

  • Coordination of simultaneous use of all promoters in Germany, Austria, Switzerland
  • Comprehensive briefing and training of the staff
  • Coordination of all involved partners
  • Extensive reporting & photo documentation
  • Selection and provision of operational clothing
  • Equipment logistics including customs and shipping
  • Overall concept of the event
  • Coordination of construction and dismantling as well as technical support
  • Production and logistics, construction and dismantling of the equipment


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