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Yu-Gi-Oh! Mall Tour – Spring and Autumn

In spring and autumn 2014, we toured with the Yu-Gi-Oh! team through shopping malls in Germany. We offered an exciting game module which gave the audience the opportunity to get in touch with the trading game Yu-Gi-Oh!. We also provided an insight view of the Yu-Gi-Oh! world and had many great prizes with us. As agency, we were responsible for extensive planning, creating and realizing and providing fully trained staff.
We spoke to many potentially new clients and numerous players and integrated traders on-site. This proves to be a successful concept for the tour which we will use as a basis in coming years.

Our tasks

  • communicating with traders and shopping malls
  • creating and providing event space and schedule
  • production and logistics of equipment
  • time management and planning event days
  • staffing and training demonstrators
  • project management on-site
  • reporting and supervising the events

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