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Fun on Tour 2015

How do you create a comfortable environment for as many people as possible? How do you host a fun promotion? And how do you overcome prejudices against sex toys while emphasizing their quality at the same time? It’s simple. All you need is a specially made ‘Feelbox’ which you can take to bars, cafes, beer gardens and beach clubs.

We designed this event module during a tourism campaign and felt it fulfilled all four wishes at once. We took the box with us to Bremen and Berlin on overall seven weekends during summer 2015.

Our promoters visited bars, cinemas, clubs and ‘Spätis’ and encouraged guests as well as passers-by to feel, taste and discover. The box can be carried around as a hawker’s tray and comprises three toys from Fun Factory. With the help of a lottery ticket, people were supposed to feel which toy they are touching. Our trained promoters offered much useful information concerning erotic toys from Fun Factory and were able to create a fun atmosphere.

Our tasks:

  • planning promotion and designing the ‘Feelbox’
  • casting, selecting, training and motivating the promotion team
  • selecting and providing clothing
  • selecting, negotiating and communicating with locations
  • getting permits
  • overall conception of the event
  • coordinating involved partners
  • producing and delivering equipment
  • researching and producing giveaways
  • extensive reporting and photo documentation

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